The Teal Tumbleweed - A Tee Shirt Tavern

My Dad

The same day I snapped a pic of my Mama, I took this one of my Dad!  If you haven't met him I would like to introduce him to you now. Kirby is, in my opinion the best auctioneer around.  His words are alwasy smooth and his tone is spot on. I grew up believing that Betty Batta was a nursey rhyme that all kids learned.  turns out its only those of us that have dads that are Auctioneers!!  He is most likely where I get my gift of gab. My Dad is also a Cattle Buyer - what day of the week is it - Wednesday is what most would respond, not at my house growing up.  Sidney would be the answer as that is the Auction sale he was at that day. 
A few things about my dad:
*He use to have a one man band - Kirby Still Goin'
*Most Summer Days he can be found in his boat fishing
*Can play any instrument you hand him except the Acordian
*3 generations have worked at the Sale Barn, Him, Me (Kristy) & his Grandson Kash
*Animals gravitate to him.  Horses, Cows, Cats, Goats, even wild birds
*I look exactly like him!

My Dad - Someone you should know!!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
The Teal Tumbleweed